Quail Chick Update

This a video of little Frog, as I was calling her – the weak little baby that needed help hatching and had to stay inside for a for a couple of days until she was strong enough to go back outside with mama quail and her siblings.

She was the sweetest little thing.  Unfortunately, there must have been something wrong with her besides being a little weak.  We found her dead out in the nestbox one morning.  It’s so sad when little baby creatures die.

But the other seven are thriving, and their mama is so good with them – even though they drive her crazy.  I wonder how any wild quail survive to adulthood?  They don’t listen to her when she gives the alarm call.  She’s running around screaming that there is danger, and they are just start jumping around and playing, completely oblivious to her terror!  Insane little creatures.  But SO cute!

It’s darling how they pop their heads up through her feathers in random places.

Every morning when I open the door to the nest box and let them out into the run, they get so excited.  Mama is less excited; she pops her head out to see if I’m watching, and if I am, she stays put in the nest box and tries to make her babies do the same.  But all they want to do is dance, dance….

And just for fun, here’s a video of Isabelle eating noodles.  She’s a Cream Brabanter hen.

One response to “Quail Chick Update

  1. Very cute. Those little quail are sure growing fast.

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