Rabbits Eating Bananas!

Notice that Daisy’s ears are all crumpled?  It’s like they are wilting and need to be watered!  Never saw a rabbit with ears like this, but I guess she just wants to be unique.

Here’s the latest view of the quail coop.

The squash plants are on their last legs.  But they are still producing lots of squash!

Blue Hubbard:

Pattypans, and this mystery squash.  Or is it a gourd?  Any of you know?

And the other mystery squash turned out to be an acorn.  I’m pretty sure that’s what it is, anyway.

I’ve been eating it immature, and it’s really tasty that way.  Just cook it like a summer squash.

The watermelon is about 3 pounds now.

And in quail news – the broody mama has a hatching egg!  I checked on them a couple of hours ago, and saw that at least one of the eggs has a pip.  So excited.  I hope they hatch ok, and she’s a good mama to them.

I’ve been holding the blonde male quail almost every day; he’s a friendly little guy.  And so pretty!

He’s keeping his toes crossed that a couple of those hatching babies are girls.  He would really LOVE to have a girlfriend.

My friend who took my extras males (to eat) has eaten them.  She says that were both easier to butcher then she expected, and harder.  I have decided that I am definitely not raising quail to eat.  They are just too small; you’d have to kill at least four for one decent meal, and that seems too big a waste of life.  Plus, I’ve finally realized that I love birds more than I love furry animals.  I don’t know what it is, but I always bond too deeply with birds!  My chicken Ellie is my “animal soulmate” – we have a genuine relationship.  I trust her completely; she knows not to peck my face or do anything to hurt me, and she knows I won’t hurt her.  I love her more than I’ve ever loved a dog or cat.  We understand each other.  I swear, she either understands English or she can read my mind!

In contrast, I enjoy having the rabbits around, but I haven’t bonded to them in nearly the same way.  I’m actually considering getting into breeding rabbits for meat.  I love the taste of rabbit; my dad used to raise them, I remember him bringing little tiny babies in for me to see, and then in a few weeks having a delicious dinner.  It makes a lot more sense than eating quail; one rabbit is at least a couple of meals – that’s one death instead of eight!  I need to do a lot more research into pens, etc, but I’m really thinking this is the way for me to produce my own meat.  Factory-raised meat is SO unhealthy, and the cruelty involved is beyond belief.  With my quail and chickens, I have healthy, “happy” eggs; I’d love to do the same with meat!

Don’t worry, though – Daisy and Dandelion will always be pets!  🙂


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