Garden Door

I am so doing something like this in my garden!

I can’t discover where this picture came from, unfortunately, but how marvelous!  A door with a little window that goes only into another part of the garden.  I know exactly where I’m going to put this….

Edit: Thanks to a blog reader, I know where this picture was taken!  It’s a garden cafe in Japan called The Blue Garden.

And the quail are growing so much.  Already the oldest ones have pinfeathers in their wings.  Since they are “pharaoh quail” (another name for corturnix quail, I had already decided to name them after Egyptian royalty.  But as a friend said, the little white Texas A&M chick (since she was an accidental inclusion) doesn’t really fit with the rest.  I still want her to have a name that fits the theme, so I am calling her Amelia Peabody.  Peabody for short.  And if you don’t know how that fits, you need to pick up a book by Elizabeth Peters!

Plus, she really does have a similar personality to the fictional Peabody.

2 responses to “Garden Door

  1. Using google image search and Chrome’s translator because my Japanese is no where proficient enough, it appears the picture is of a garden cafe in Japan called Blue Garden. The first link shows some different shots of the one you posted

    This is the home page

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