Introducing Daisy and Dandelion, also Fun With Jayne Hats

I got a call at work yesterday.  My mom was at the Feed store, and she called me to ask: “Can we have a rabbit?”

We’d been talking about getting a rabbit.  She was reluctant, until I told her how wonderful their dropping are for fertilizer.  You can put it directly on your plants and it won’t burn them.  Plus, if you do put it in the compost first, there is something about that really jump-starts your compost and gets it a-workin’.  This is according to Laura S., who has had a bunny in the garden before.  Me, I’ve had rabbits before, but they’ve always been indoor pets and we weren’t into gardening/composting at the time.  My mom was very intrigued by this info, and after that a rabbit was an easy sell

But we were definitely not going to get one this year.  Too busy, with the quail project, and putting in all the fruit trees/vines/bushes.  So it was all decided: we’d wait one year, or maybe even two.

And then:  “Can we have a rabbit?”  She sounded like a little kid.  I could only ask: “Are you serious???”

She was.  She’d fallen in love.  In fact, as I shortly learned, she’d fallen in love with TWO rabbits.  Five week old sisters (we think) that were just the sweetest, most friendly, tame little creatures ever.

Here is little Daisy and Dandelion.

Dandelion is on the left, Daisy on the right.  They love to snuggle, with us and with each other.

They also wear hats, because of course they are Firefly fans!

How’s it sit?  Pretty cunning, ain’t it?

Funny story about the hat.  It actually belongs to my chickens.

Their godmother (Laura U. from MN) made me a Jayne hat, and then she says I dared her to make a hat for the chickens.  I say she’s a pretty daring woman all on her own, and needs no incitement from me to make crazy wonderful costuming things.  This is the woman who made a steampunk clown costume, after all.

I wasn’t sure the chickens would actually wear the hat, but other than one hen who wants nothing whatever to do with such insanity, they did.

And the best part yet?

I just heard from Laura U. that she made Darth Maul himself almost fall off his stilts by showing him a picture of my chicken wearing the hat. *

darth_maulThe Force is strong in my chickens.


*I should probably (reluctantly) explain that she’s at a costuming convention this weekend, and Darth Maul is one of the cosplayers….

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