A few posts back, I mentioned I’m growing two new varieties of strawberry this year.  One is a traditional red one (Sparkle) and something new….this gorgeous white one!  It’s supposed to have a twist of pineapple in the flavor, and if it’s anything like the white alpine strawberries I already have, that twist is WONDERFUL.

These are the White Soul strawberries:


I’ve only ever seen them sold as seeds, so I bought some.  The instructions say to be patient; strawberry seeds can take up to 6 weeks or more to germinate.  I must be a strawberry whisperer, because not even two weeks later, I have this:

What?  You say you can’t see anything?

What about now:

They are SO teeny tiny!  It’s hard to believe that if all goes well, I’ll be harvesting strawberries from these.  What a miracle God’s creation is.


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