Quail Coop – Day Two

It has been a monsoon here lately.  Rain, rain, rain, RAIN.  I thought it was a lost cause trying to get anything done outside, but then in a blink, the sky turned blue and sunny around 4pm.

I figured that was a small window of opportunity.  So we grabbed our hen (as one does) and went out to finish digging the foundation.

It was just slightly damp.

But chicken Ellie didn’t mind wading in and helping out.

Now to wait until the hole dries out a little, and then we can lay the wire and stone.

2 responses to “Quail Coop – Day Two

  1. So… I want to do almost exactly what you are doing in your garden. I am very interested in keep quail. However, I work full time. I was wondering how much time every day you put into your gardening/farming? Do you work? Can I do this?

    • I only work part time out of the home, but I’m also self employed. How much time I spend in the garden depends on lots of things. Right now, I’m really putting in all the “bones” of the garden – like building pens and fences, so there is never a lack of work. Once all of that is done, though, the amount of work will go way down. You can definitely do this…but it would be easier if you did it in little stages, rather than everything at once! Put in a veggie bed, and a pen of quail, then next year, expand, and let it keep growing to whatever size you can handle and still enjoy it.

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