Egypt 2015

Maybe I’ll swim with dolphins!

And this?  This will DEFINITELY be me.

4 responses to “Egypt 2015

  1. Hi Alisa,
    Can I just say I’m a huge fan of your costuming blogs and am in awe of you sewing skills. (Maybe you could do a Victorian Egyptologist costume for your trip?)

    The dolphin swiming looks like a lot of fun and the veiws from the horse riding video were amazing. The horses also look in good shape.

    (I’m not sure how much you know about horses but if you are horsey please feel free to ignore this; If you do want to ride horses in Egypt can you please be very selective with the stable you choose to at ride at? Often in places like Egypt the trail horses are very skinny and not very well looked after, it’s really important that
    Signs that the horses are in poor shape include:
    -Visable ribs, spine and hips with a “banana” shaped neck.
    -Cuts or rub marks caused by gear that doesn’t fit properly.
    -Hooves that are split or curl up like elves shoes or slippers
    -Dull, sad eye and general depressed looking stance.
    -Gear that has sharp bits coming into contact with the horse.
    -Horse may not have had access to water for long periods of time.

    The Brooke is an awesome charity that works to imporve the lives of animals in places like Egypt and they may be able to put you into conact with a suitable trailing riding company:

    I hope you have an awesome trip in 2015 and look forward to reading of your adventures.

    • Thanks so much for the compliments!

      Re: the horse info, I am also aware of the poor treatment of animals by some owners in Egypt, and I certainly would not wish to support those kinds of people! I have found a stable called the Blue Beach Club in Dahab, and from all the reviews it is one of the best (if not the best) stable in Egypt. I’ve been told the owner is wonderful and her horses are very well cared for and healthy. She also makes all riders wear a helmet, so I guess she’s equally concerned about her guests! Once I actually go, I’ll check out the horses myself and see if the reports are true before I ride.

  2. Thats awesome!!!
    I hope you didn’t mind me pointing out the horse stuff, been a bit nuts about it since some friends (who really should have known better) came home with photos of them on horses which I was suprised weren’t dead given how skinny they were.

    The helmet thing is wonderful as well, I know mine has definatly saved my life in the last month.

    • No, I didn’t mind at all. Stuff like that is important, and if I hadn’t already been aware of that issue, I’d have appreciated you pointing it out!

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