Doctor Who Theme…with lyrics

This makes me so happy – it quite honestly is the coolest thing I’ve seen/heard in some time.

And just an fyi on Matt Smith’s Doctor…okay….okay….I’m liking him now. David Tennant was still better, but I’m coming to the conclusion that mostly why I *thought* I disliked Matt’s version was because of my VAST hatred for Amy.  I hate her.  I hate her interactions with the Doctor, I hate who the Doctor is when he’s around her, and I in opinion the only thing good to come of Amy Pond was River Song.  I can’t wait for Amy to leave the show.

That said, Moffat has totally redeemed himself by his writing on this season, and love River Song so much I’d totally forgive him even if the writing did suck.

And, I’m putting this in writing: the Doctor who was killed in The Impossible Astronaut? That was a ganger…specifically, ganger #3.  Hence that Doctor calling himself “1103”.   There’s a reason you never saw that Doctor with the TARDIS –  and it’s not because station wagons are….cool?   😉

One response to “Doctor Who Theme…with lyrics

  1. I agree that this season is so much better than last season. I’m still iffy on Amy, but I do like River Song and Rory. I like your theory about The Doctor in The Impossible Astronaut!

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