Royal Proclamation

Their Royal Majesties

Queen Sophie (Silver Cuckoo Maran)
Queen Eleanor (Welsummer)
Queen Mary (Rhode Island Red)
Queen Leda (Silver Laced Wyandotte)
Queen Josephine (Barnevelder)
Queen Elizabeth (Silkie)
Queen Antoinette (Delaware)
(Otherwise known as Sophie, Ellie, Molly, Leda, Josie, Bess,  and Antoinette)
Would like to hereby proclaim
that they have safely reached Their new home
in the Coop Mahal – though not without great adventure
and no little tragedy.
(The full recounting of the adventures will occur at a latter date,
when their foster-mother is not so exhausted from getting literally only about four hours of sleep last night.  And that not in a solid block.)
Also, if you should wish, they invite you to “like” them on facebook, and get updates and photos of their on-going adventures.
(Bess the Bantam Silkie)

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