Monthly Archives: December 2009

Fabulous new songs.

Love this one – and I guess it’s so new it hasn’t even hit Amazon or iTunes yet:

Ellenore and Jakob danced an incredible routine to it on So You Think You Can Dance (choreography by the incomparable Sonya).  I wanted to post a video of that, but no one’s put it up on YouTube yet.

And this, I was introduced to it by Mike, who says it just makes him happy every time he hears it.  It has the same effect on me!

This helps with the heartbreak.

If you’ve been following this blog at all, you already know I’m addicted to Dr Who, and absolutely adore David Tennant in the role.  With only two more episodes (3 more in America) with my beloved Ten as the Doctor, I’m feeling the heartbreak.

However, I came across something that gives me a reason to look forward to Eleven: 18th century Venice!  This article is google-translated to English, so it’s kind of…interesting to read, but oh, the PICTURES!  Besides it being my favorite place in the world, this is (possibly) my favorite time period for costuming.  If I like Eleven anywhere near as well as I do Ten, this episode will be a heavenly hour.