Song of Solomon

My pastor has a tremendous love for film (he was actually a finalist on the tv series “Project Greenlight”).  He often does sermon series that showcase short films – his current series is “Route 66: a Road Trip Through the Bible”.  There are 66 books in the Bible, and he’s preaching on one book each Sunday, and each has its own little film, based on the idea that he’s taking a road trip along Route 66 and keeps picking up Biblical hitchhikers.

Today he was up to the Song of Solomon, which, if you’re not familiar with your Bible is a quite graphic (the pastor couldn’t even read certain sections in church) and very sexual love song, written by Israel’s King Solomon to one of his wives.  I couldn’t resist posting his mini film here, because it’s so hilarious.  Notice the “TV PG” rating at the beginning!

More information, including more video, sermon transcripts, audio, and other good stuff is found here.

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