Monthly Archives: August 2009

New Phone Joy


It’s a LG CF360.  It has a music player, camera, and video.  Plus a ton of other things that I’ll never, ever use.  (Heck, I didn’t know half of what my old phone did, and I owned it for about four years.)

Why I Love Late July


Freshly picked green beans, grown in my own garden, about to be cooked with bacon.

Most are Blue Lake, but the purple ones are a mystery heritage bean that are just starting to produce.  Too bad they don’t stay that pretty; they turn green as they cook.  Oh, and there’s some Scarlet Emperor Runner beans in there too.  They taste good (despite having fuzzy skins like peaches which need to shave), but the real reason I grow them is because of how pretty they look entwined on the trellis.  Other beans have little barely visible white flowers; runner beans have gorgeous bright red blossoms.