The New Doctor

So here it is, folks, the “look” of the 11th Doctor.  (They’ve started shooting Smith’s episodes, and pictures are being released!)


Not a fan myself of the skinny little bow-tie.  The 10th Doctor has much better fashion sense!!!!

One response to “The New Doctor

  1. That’s some hair. Sort of looks like a rooster to me. haha!

    I never could get into Dr. Who. (That is what you’re talking about, right? I’m not just sitting here making things up in my head?) My father used to watch it on Sunday mornings when I was a kid and I would hide up in my room. Ha! Ha! I’d do the same for Star Trek, too, though that one would occasionally lure me in.

    And as a PS – I love the wordpress themes by Beccary! When my book blog was on the free WP site I used to uses one of her themes (a green one) but switched when I started running wp myself. ;))

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