Four Cool Things for Today

First off, just a update on the Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs perfume oil called “Somnus”.  It’s supposed to help you sleep.  I was skeptical, even after reading the rave reviews.

Okay, okay, so after a couple of weeks of testing, I’m forced to admit it does seem to work!  I have this problem occasionally, where I either can’t get to sleep in a reasonable amount of time, or else I wake up in the night and can’t fall back to sleep.  It’s not true insomnia; it’s my own fault.  I get to thinking about a story I’m writing, or a costuming I’m sewing, and then I can’t turn my mind off.  Gads, it’s annoying!  So since I got the perfume oil, I’ve put it beside my bed, and waited for just those occasions.  When I can’t stop thinking, I dab a little under my ears or on my pillow, and voila.  I have just about enough time to think: “This is quite a lovely smell”, and then I wake up again in the morning, fully rested.  I’m definitely getting a full bottle of this stuff.

Maybe as a possible side effect (and I hadn’t considered this until just now), I’ve twice dreamed really good story ideas in the last week.  I don’t normally get much usable material out of dreams – except for little snippets and imagery.  But these two ideas I’ve gotten are full-fledged, fabulous plots.  With characters and everything.  So yay for dreaming!  I’d tell you what these ideas were, but then I’d never actually write them into a story.

Now for something really sad.  I’ve been a tremendous fan of “The Shield” since the very first episode.  There was always something truly original and wonderful about that show.  In fact, I loved it so much that I purposely didn’t watch the last (and final) season as it aired on tv.  I wanted to wait until I could get the dvds and have an advertisement-free marathon.  Just to let myself get completely sucked into the story.

I just watched the final episode the day before yesterday.  I was so shell-shocked by it that I sealed it up in its little red Netflix envelope, hardly knowing what to think of it.  And then yesterday, I unsealed the envelope and watched it again.  It’s a worthy ending, folks.  Completely unlike certain other shows that won’t be mentioned.*cough*sopranos*cough*


Oh my gosh, Shane, what have you done to me? I wanted to hate you after you killed Lem, I truly, honestly did.  I loved Lem.  But I never could hate you.  And even though I was pretty dang positive how you were going to go out, I hoped it wasn’t true, and now I’m all torn up inside grieving for a family that doesn’t even exist.  That’s the power of a show like this.  You care.  You can’t help but care, no matter how flawed the characters were or what horrible things they did.

But what a tragic episode all around.  I really honestly wanted Vic and Shane and Ronnie slip off into the sunset together, even though I knew that wasn’t going to happen.  My guesses as to what was going to happen were pretty spot-on.  I knew Shane would die, and how he would go, and I knew Vic would survive in his own private hell.  I just wasn’t sure about Ronnie, so maybe that’s why it was the hardest of all to see him in handcuffs.


Here’s to the boys of The Shield.  There will never be another show like it.


And now that I’m completely miserable, let’s have something fun.

You can’t miss Darth Vader doing “Thriller”.

And lastly, here’s Ron Paul’s reaction to being punked in Sasha Baron Cohen’s new film Bruno:

He’s such a classy guy (in stark contrast to the idiot that is Sasha Baron Cohen).  And he wants to totally abolish the IRS and taxes. Yes.

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