Happy Things I’ve Discovered Today

First of all….

Dollhouse has been renewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I hardly dared let myself become attached to this show, so certain was I of its early demise.   But now life is all shiny.

Second, we found one of these in our yard:


A little internet research told me it’s a Long Toed Salamander.  According to the experts, it’s common in WA State.  Who knew, because I’ve certainly never seen one before!  I love little squirmy reptiley things; one of the highlights of my trip to Florida was all the teeny little lizards that scurried everywhere.  It really surprised me to find a salamander in my front yard, though, because I thought they required nearby ponds, and we haven’t got one.  We are extremely lacking in water; we haven’t even got a convenient ditch.

Thirdly, read this:


I wonder if this will give George RR Martin a little incentive to finish the series.  I mean, what’s going to happen, if he can’t write faster than HBO can film?  Do they get to make up their own ending, or what?

And yeah, I realize that’s usually what happens anyway.  Sigh. (Despite the sigh, still happy.)

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