BPAL – Update: “Harlot” and “Hollywood Babylon”

Finally! Two scents I like!

I put Harlot on before I left for church in the morning, (good thing no one asked the name of my fragrance!).  It’s another vanilla scent, this one crossed with roses.  The only flaw was that it’s delicate enough to be worn off by 1pm when I went to work.  My friend tried to catch a whiff, and said she could only smell my gum!  When I wear it again, I may have to bring the bottle with me, and replenish it mid-day.

Since Harlot was gone, when I got home, I tried a little Hollywood Babylon.  So far, I’m loving this one.  It’s more robust, so I think it will stay with me longer, and it smells like really juicy cherries and musk.  Sort of candy-like, but without the annoyingly sweetness of Bordello.

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