BPAL Update – “Bordello”

My samples from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab are finally here! See my previous post:


And they threw in two extras: ‘Psyche’ and ‘Masabakes’. After I opened all the teeny bottles and gave them a sniff, I decided to give Bordello the first trial wear.

My first impression was that I liked it quite a lot. In the beginning, it had a very vanilla-y scent, which I love. A half hour later, it smelled more strongly of fruit, kind of a plum scent. Now, several hours later, I’m not quite so enthralled. If I had to describe it, I’d come up with “candy sweet”…very, very sweet, full of vanilla and marshmallow. It’s lovely, but it’s not really me. And also, since it’s quite a delicate scent, I had to put on a lot in order to smell it at all. Not my description of a ‘bordello’, unless it’s also a candy factory. 😆

Tomorrow I’ll test-wear a different one.

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