Fun presents & the really cool people who give them!

I have a cool friend.  She gave me this:


If you don’t know what this, I’m sorry to tell you that you are not one of the cool people…and by that I mean a geek.

I am proudly a geek, and thus I am happily running around my house, doing sonic screwdriver things to random objects.  My cat is pretty fascinated as well with the sound and light it makes.  I think he believes it might be a high-tech mouse (either that or he’s more of a cool people than I ever guessed).

If you’re still scratching your head over what this gadget is, here’s one more clue:


If you still aren’t sure, there may be no hope for your future gee- um, coolness unless you click this link right now:

Thank you, Bonnie!  😀

2 responses to “Fun presents & the really cool people who give them!

  1. thats so awsome!! i love Dr Who 🙂


  2. *blush* well, as a future Dr. Who addict myself, how could I not?

    Merry (SNOWY!!!) Christmas!

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