The Thump on my Front Porch

So right after I pressed the ‘publish’ button for that last entry, there was a lovely thump on my front porch.  I love such sounds, because it means the UPS guy is leaving me presents!  I opened the front door, and there’s a rather long, extremely thin package made out of a cardboard box that was collapsed, then re-taped back together in a custom-made shape.  It has my name on it.  Yay, me!

But I have no idea what it could be.  This is probably a sign that I do way too much online shopping.

Whoever wrapped it did an exceedingly painstaking job with the tape.  While I’m nearly slicing my hand open trying to get inside (it’s difficult to even figure out how the box opens, given the way it’s been re-made), I’m trying to remember what I recently ordered off ebay.  I can’t think of anything recent.  I can’t think of anything I’m expecting, from anyone, that could be this size and shape.  I’m very, very puzzled, but it’s feeling a bit like Christmas!

I succeed in getting one end open, and I pry it apart enough to look down inside.  I see something that looks like a book.  Which book could it possibly be?  The book refuses to slid out, and I have to cut more tape.  Finally it drops into my hand, and it’s….my signed copy of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust! I do a little jumping up and down dance, then take a peek inside the title page.  It’s signed in green ink, a name that looks something  like “Nei Gul”.  I guess this must have been one of those days when he signed something like a thousand copies and his hand was about to fall off!  Still, the book is awesome, it’s the illustrated edition, full of full color art – the two page spread showing the faerie market is gorgeously detailed.


I have a literary crush on Neil Gaiman.  Besides the fact that his novels for both children and adults are exceptional, he’s such a nice guy.  He’s not too busy or big for his fans, and it shows on his blog.  One of these days I’m going to try his Thanksgiving cranberry jelly.

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