I used to think Sphynx cats were ugly little things.  They’re growing on me!  Bonnie, stay tuned to Goodreads for the relevance of these photos!  😀

For those of you who aren’t Bonnie, check out “Arassa”, my novel-in-progress.  You can find it here, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page:



One response to “Ohmie

  1. Okay. If this is a gift from the prince, I’m going to have issues with him. This is not a romantic “hello” kind of gift.

    If Pullo comes back with it as a gift for her, I would not be surprised! He seems to lack the talent of gifting Arassa with anything she actually likes, other than, perhaps, the horse. He really needs to catch on that *fruit* seems to be the key to her heart!

    Poor kitties. Poor poor kitties. They didn’t ask to be bald!

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