I’m writing the first draft of one novel, revising another, and supposed to be thinking about those exclusively. Instead I’m…well, I’m nesting. I’ve had this idea for a time travel novel, weaving the concept of ‘time slips’ with ghosts and hauntings. I have the main viewpoint character, a ghost hunter named Molly, and Molly and her world have been quietly loitering in my mind for a couple of years now, waiting their turn to be written.

And then Flinders stumbled in last week. He’s a British soldier during the American Rebellion (as he calls it), loyal to the Crown but a little bit treasonous; a roguish quick-witted time-traveler who enjoys keeping a life (and a woman) in every century that appeals to him.

Like any woman who’s met her ideal literary man, I am, as I said, nesting. Instead of devoting 100% of my brain to my current books-in-progress, I’m flitting about like a giddy girl: gathering interesting bits of revolutionary war history, stories of time-slips, and imagining the smell of Flin’s coat (it smells of gunpowder). I’m pulling all these bits of things into my imagination and building myself a cozy chaotic nest of raw ideas and knowledge… and out of this, in time, will emerge a book.

2 responses to “Nesting.

  1. I checked, and Molly approves of the name. Although, you know how she feels about doppelgangers…she might have to give your character a third eye! Not sure how that fits in with the way you’re invisioning her look.

    Speaking of which, I meant to say to you today that I really really hope you’re not a writer like me: easily seduced by a new story idea, so you stop writing other stories (2 now!) that *ahem* certain people *cough cough* are eagerly reading, and pining for new chapters of. Although, this does seem like a tremendously intriguing idea, so I think my worries might be well founded.

    How wiley of you to post secret book info here. (There. I’ve used it 3 times today. The word is now mine.)

    (I just realized that no one else would understand about 95% of this message. How ‘in joke’ of me!)

  2. “I have the main viewpoint character, a ghost hunter named Molly”

    Tell me more about Molly. Modern day? Crackpot?

    “He’s a British soldier during the American Rebellion”

    Does Flinder’s ability mean that he can change the outcome of the war, or is he more in it for fun? Does he wear his hair in a que? I think you know what I mean. I googled it for spelling, and came up with this picture. Talk about random:
    And also this one. Even more random:

    I keep rereading your description and getting wooed by it. As long as I can read as you write, (goodreads? *hint hint*) I’ll go there with you.

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